The Required Journey of Awareness That We All Eventually Need to Avoid in Order to Become Aware of the Fact That We Were Unaware of this Chaotic Dream: Part 1

by 713 SMACPIG nt

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Meditation Metal

Part 1: Chakra Healing Album (Root to Crown)

The Future is a collection of memories rearranged here and now. The past is the recreation of experienced energy. Now is the space in between.

Spill+Spilling Structures+Soaking Our Roots: Root Chakra cleansing and harmonizing with Mother Earth. There is nothing to fear, consciousness always is.

The Changing: Sacral Chakra Activation. All is transient and fluid, so accept the changing feeling that is always present. Things just happen, there is no need to blame identities of any sort or to feel guilty about anything.

No Will is the Strongest: Solar Plexus Chakra. Be transparent to all energy in order to experience and observe all energy. All is energy is simply who you truly are; no need to feel ashamed about any aspect of it.

Throw: Open Heart Chakra. All motion and interaction is the communication of love. Learn to communicate with the heart, it has a lot to say and feel.

Gravity: Clear Throat Chakra. There is no deception, you are always aligned with the universe and you are completely free to express and communicate what it is you feel. Just ask your heart and soul anything you truly wish to know and it will give you an answer you can grow from.

My Third Eye: Your Third Eye. Taste the rainbow, and open up all the boxes you are storing inside. Separation is an illusion; a beautiful illusion that allows us to become aware of oneness and unity. We are completely apart of the separation. Expand awareness by learning new separations.

Eternal Connection: Open, and Balance Crown Chakra. You are forever connected to the cosmos, so no worries. Let go of all the things you think are more important than simply feeling and being, and move with the flow.

It's okay if you start to doubt, or fear, or judge, or resist, or forget, or ignore, or anything else that might inhibit you from accessing your full potential. Every moment is a fun obstacle to overcome in whatever way one wishes. Understand that pain and tension are simply friction for the fire of life. Don't react to the sensations, let them exist fully. Evolve your CELLs! [Communicate Evolve Listen Love silence]


released August 12, 2014

Album art from Mandelbulb 3D




713 SMACPIG nt

I love you all!

I am an infinite being with a lot of feelings.

Meditation Metal:
We are all on an infinite and eternal voyage to feel whatever there is to be felt: there is no positive, no negative... All is one infinite vibration.

All music is a by-product of the infinite one

Let Go and Feel Flow Let it all be in order to evolve eternally.

Your DNA will change when listening to this music
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